Ruined orgasm produced nearly 15 seconds worth hot BULL semen
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March 24, 2014
Amber's black slave is bound to the milking bed by his wrists and ankles. Amber has no interest in any part of her negro captive body besides his sizable bull cock. The naturally busty blonde smokes a cigarette while she rubs her size 9 feet all over her bound slave. At times she placed both feet over the slaves mouth and nose cutting off his oxygen. I'm not sure she'd do this if he weren't locked securely to the milking bed. Amber's French manicured feet made the dark dick dance before she even touched it. She used lots of lube on the oversized penis during this interracial handjob. The pale skinned cock tease pushed the BBC past the point of No Return with her awesome teasing hand job. Amber held the ejaculating black erection and watched the SEMEN shoot out from it. This may be one of the largest loads of CUM ever produced from a ruined orgasm. For nearly 15 seconds the black cock poured out semen on its own! Then it happened! Amber tormented the extremely sensitive penis attacking the HEAD of it during an extended Post Orgasm milking. The unknown DICk in the bed struggled mightily to free himself from the post orgasm attack but there was absolutely nothing he could do!


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