Bailey Paige

Age: 25
Body Type: small
Stats: 32-22-30
Bra: 32A
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 92 lbs
Height: 5"2"
Location: Lakeland, FL
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: cock craver


List of Bailey Paige episodes


Little Bailey caused BIG problems for the defenseless DICK - Tiny Bailey has complete control of this DICK during this Femdom handjob. Her slave is confined in a crude gloryhole device. This gloryhole isn't like others. There is NO WAY for the slave to remove his cock from the hole. The slave has no use of his arms or legs. Bailey took full advantage of the helpless slaves predicament. The feisty brunette slow stroked the penis poking through the hole until it stood firm. She enjoyed teasing the unguarded erection so much so it caused the "dick head" to swell and turn purple. Bailey put the bulbis cock head in her mouth just to TEASE it. Eventually the slow teasing handjob pushed the captive cock Past the Point of No Return. Bailey held the base of the ejaculating cock and watched the cum come out of it. She took great pleasure in ruining this dude's ORGASM. To make matters worse she attacked the sensitive head of the penis POST orgasm. The slave was in extreme discomfort. However there was NOTHING he could do to stop tiny handjob princess from exacting her sadistic desires upon his penis.


Both cocks produced MILK but one Milked out Way more - Little Bailey is in the CockBox with 2 LARGE cum filled cocks. On her right (your left), is a BBC so thick it can barely squeeze in the gloryhole. On her left (you right), is a big white cock (BWC) eager for Bailey's small hand handjob. The pint sized brunette couldn't contain her excitement being on the business END of two hard dicks eager to cover her in cum. She gave both cocks equal attention during this gloryhole handjob. I won't spoil the ending of this handjob video by telling what happened exactly. Just know both unknown cocks had big squirting Orgasms, however one kept ejaculating for nearly 15 seconds! NO FAKE CUMSHOTS. Bailey enjoyed tormenting the super sensitive heads of the anonymous man meat long AFTER orgasm. This is one of the best two cock gloryhole handjobs videos EVER!


Her small hands played a Big role in this RUINED Orgasm - Tipping the scale at ninety five pounds and standing a mere five foot two inches makes Bailey tiny. Size won't matter since her slave is confirmed to the "Torso Milker". The Torso-milker is a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless. Bailey will have TOTAL control over the slaves cock and face. The little handjob vixen shows off her excellent "teasing style" handjob on the helpless Erection. She forced the defenseless slave to inhale her Asshole as she sat on his face and stroked his cock. Bailey enjoyed taunting and teasing the bound slave during this Femdom handjob. It wasn't long before the BIG hard penis succumb to her small hands. As soon as the cock started Cumming, she stopped stroking. The cruel penis puppet watched in amazement as the captive cock ejaculated. She could have helped the cock, but didn't. The pint sized PENIS puller wasn't done with the spent dick. With complete control and NO Fear of retaliation she forcefully stroked the sensitive Dick head long after orgasm. His discomfort brought her pleasure.


Bailey milks the 12 inch Meat Whistle for all its Worth - This is a gloryhole, but not like others. This gloryhole does not allow the penis to be removed once it has been put through the hole. Little bailey marvels at the 12 inches of Man MEAT poking through the hole. She wishes all men were presented too her this way. Just a cock and nothing else! Too bad the anonymous DICK will never see the beautiful brunette's soft hands work magic on his cock. He'll never know how close his cock came too penetrating Bailey's tight twat. Eventually the slow teasing handjob pushed the FOOT long Dong past the point of No Return. Bailey held the cock but stopped stroking as CUM poured from the swollen head of it. She watched in amazement as the unknown cock expelled SEMEN without the aid of her tiny hands. Bailey took full advantage of the cock's helpless situation. She stroked the Extremely sensitive HEAD of the penis long after orgasm. You can hear the agony of the captured cock but theres nothing he can do.


Bailey's tiny hands caused a really big ruined orgasm - Little Bailey has her small hands full of large cock. Her well endowed slave is confined to the Kneeling Milker. The kneeling milker is a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless. The ninety two pound spinner is in TOTAL control of the enormous dick. Bailey shows off her outstanding slow teasing handjob skills. She's definitely top 5 of all time when it comes to handjob technique. The pint sized Femdom handjob princess showed complete mastery over the defenseless erection. She smoked a cigarette as she took her time bringing the penis to a powerful sperm explosion. Those tiny hands jerked the captive cock to the point of No return. Bailey watched the cum squirt from the rock hard ruined cock. The spunky penis puller loved giving the cock a ruined orgasm. This video is a must have for all ruined orgasm collectors. She didn't stop there! Bailey continued stroking the extra sensitive dick very long after orgasm.


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