Betty enjoyed squeezing the all the SPERM out of the mushroom head
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duration: 14:26
February 24, 2014
Big meets big in this clash of the titans. Betty's big double tits and the mighty black bull cock go head to head during this interracial handjob movie. The beautiful MILF uses lots of the lube on the oversized black penis. Her slow teasing handjob gets the dark ERECTION to grow quickly. Betty loves too bang the black cock against her massive tits. She pays lots of attention to the bulbs head of the enormous erection. In fact the mushroom head appears to be her favorite part of the cock. The combination of Betty's awesome handjob skills and freakishly big tits push the black cock past the point of no return. She aims the CUM shooting cock towards her tits and gets them soaked in bull sperm. Betty continued stroking the spent man meat long after orgasm. She forcefully squeezed the juice out of the head until there was NO more. She could care less about any discomfort caused by her actions.


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