Cameryn Coxxx

Age: 26
Body Type: voluptuous
Stats: 34-26-36
Bra: 34D
Breast Type: real expensive
Weight: 138 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Location: Miami, Fl
Status: married
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: adult model


List of Cameryn Coxxx episodes


Itís obvious Cameron and Lexi have never seen a PENIS this size - Cameron (left) and Lexi canít believe the SIZE of the black dick in front of them. Both girls giggle hysterically as they watch the black BULL cock get bigger and bigger from the tag team handjob. The girls showed off their candy colored nails as the jerked the big PENIS in tandem using lots of lube. The girls facial expressions are priceless. They never get over how big the dick is for the entire hand job video. The 2 girl interracial handjob ends with a prolonged post ORGASM milking. The girls make sure they get every drop of SPERM from the ultra sensitive cock.


Cameron let go of the ejaculating PENIS and watched the cum cum out - Like most girls, Cameron is a stickler for a rock solid cock. The beautiful SOFT spoken MILF took full advantage of the slave bound to kneeling MILKER. The kneeling MILKER is a crude bondage device that disables the slave's arms and legs. The penis is totally exposed and thrust forward. Cameron's slow teasing handjob made the dick so hard, it wouldn't go down. She repeatedly struck the stiff erection. The pain made the dick harder. Cameron's Femdom handjob didn't end well. The BUSTY blonde released the ejaculating PENIS. She watched as the penis pushed out the SEMEN without the aid of her hands. The cruel handjob mistress waited until the cock was done cumming. She continued the stroked ultra sensitive cum filled dick long after orgasm. The slave's body jerked violently. Cameron didn't care, she continued stroking without any concern for the slave's welfare.


A large LOAD of Semen makes up for a small dick - Cameryn is the most honest and open Southern Belle you'll ever cum across. This mild mannered MILF loves large loads. Size takes a backseat to SEMEN. She literally measures LOVES by the ounce. The D-cup beauty has an ORAL fixation that has lead to infidelity many times. The ejaculation junkie OPENLY pleasures other cocks besides her husbands. The disrespectful wife shares the many stories of her unfaithfulness. The cuckold blow job ends just the way Cameryn wanted it too.


The unsatisfied Southern Belle took matters into her own Hands - Cameryn is a desperate housewife looking for a cock upgrade. The cum craving cuckold wife openly disrespects her husband in this Femdom handjob video. She takes full advantage of the "DICK" in the bag. Knowing what small useless penis awaited her at home, she made the MOST of the crooked MONSTER cock. Cameryn openly talked about the FULL satisfying feeling of a much larger cock buried deep inside her unfaithful vagina. This went much further than a handjob. The SOUTHERN Belle with the D-cups and dimples has a weakness for BIG dicks. Cameryn's soft hands MILK a major load of SEMEN from the captive cock. She abused her POSITION of power by continuing the stroke the sensitive penis long after orgasm. The slaves' body jerked violently but there was NOTHING he could do the stop her unwanted advances.


She is really PROUD of this Big Erection - Cameryn is a soft spoken Southern girl with D-cups and dimples. The mild mannered housewife enjoys a HUGE cock completely under her control. Her slave is bound to the MILKING bench. His arms and legs have been rendered useless. Cameryn's slow teasing handjob quickly caused the limp PENIS to harden and expand. She traced the outline of the swollen cock head with her RED fingertips. The minimal treatment gained maximum results. The bulging ERECTION made her proud. She smiled as she admired the SIZE of the mighty cock. The steady firm strokes soon caused a SPERM explosion. The captive cock shot its MILK much too Cameryn's delight. Afterwards, the cum crazed SOUTHERN belle continued jerking the spent cock for MORE semen.


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