Her dirty feet and foreign fingers showed the Mighty bull NO respect
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November 25, 2013
Maybe she would have shown more respect for the muscular black BULL if he wasn't totally helpless. The tiny blonde from Budapest has the large black male bound in a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless. Mistress Caroline puts her excellent handjobs skills on display as she has her way with the Enormous black erection. The disrespectful pint sized blonde puts her dirty size 6 feet in the slaves' mouth for him to clean. While her dark captive tongue cleaned her feet the interracial hand job continued. Her foreign fingers and dirty feet pushed the big black cock Past the Point of NO return. It seemed like the SEMEN would never stop shooting out from the ejaculating cock. Caroline kept stroking and the dick keep cumming. Maybe lost in translation but Caroline continued stroking the spent cock long after orgasm. The sight of sperm excited her! With puddles of SPERM pooling on the slaves' stomach she kept jerking the dick for more cum. The slave was in EXTREME discomfort. She ignored his screaming and continued pulling on the sensitive plus sized prick.


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