This Edging handjob caused the 10inch cock to dance for Dakota
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March 3, 2014
It amazing what girls will do when they have all the power. Take for instance little Dakota, a spunky pale faced brunette has a 10inch cock under her complete control. Wrapped in 2,500 feet of industrial strength duct tape she has a virtual DICK in a bag. The disrespectful tiny tot sits her ass directly on the helpless slaves face. She had no concern regarding the slaves oxygen intake. The aroma of her bare butt hole caused the dormant dick to begin hardening. Dakota's not your typical Dom, she kills a cock with kindness. She teased all 10inches of the unguarded penis during this Femdom handjob. She enjoyed bringing the well endowed DICK to the point of Orgasm then letting go of it. She did this over and over. The pulsing dick danced as it longed for Dakota's magical hands. The bratty brunette laughed hysterically as she watched the throbbing penis move about like a mindless zombie. Soon the prolonged edging and teasing handjob proved too much for the nearly foot long dong. The mummified cock began spurting SEMEN without the aid of Dakota's hands. This ruined orgasm handjob is one of the best ever. However it didn't end there. Dakota continued MILKING the extra sensitive cock long after orgasm. The helpless slave tried to protect himself from the prolonged cock abuse but there was nothing he could do!


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