Dallas Diamondz

Age: 42
Body Type: Amazon
Stats: 34-28-38
Bra: 34D
Breast Type: breasts implants
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Location: Ocala, Fl
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Cauca si on
Smoke / Drink:no / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: hair stylist


List of Dallas Diamondz episodes


Bulls in the HOOD starring Dallas D - Due to her rigid Southern upbringing and domineering husband, Dallas has been forbidden to have any contact with black cocks. Years of being denied black penis have backfired bigtime. The beautiful southern belle has her muscular black slave bound to the milking bed. She takes time to admire the superior physical condition of her negro captive. The sheltered southern MILF teases the black penis with an awesome handjob and foot job. Dallas really enjoyed her position of power during the interracial Femdom handjob. Soon the dark dick is pushed past the Point of No Return. The chocolate ERECTION erupted shooting ropes of Sperm one right after the other. The sadistic cum hungry MILF continued stroking the EXTRA sensitive dickhead causing great pain and discomfort for the restrained muscle bound slave. She could care less, there was nothing he could do to free himself.


Twisted Step Mom gives Femdom handjob to young 11inch penis - Dallas is fed up with her rich husbands small penis. The busty blonde step Mom lusts for a young BIG dick. While her husbands is away she takes FULL advantage of her Step SON"S 11 inch cock. The evil step mom has complete control the oversized penis. The scrawny kid with the BIG cock is bound to the MILKING bed. This taboo handjob features an 11 inch dick. The twisted step Mom has complete Control. Dallas vents about her husbands tiny penis and shitty sex life as she jerks off his Son. She can't believe how much BIGGER juniors dick is compared to Seniors. The awesome Femdom handjob pushed the Monster cock past the point of NO return. Dallas continued to stroke the sensitive dickhead long after ORGASM.


She watched the pulsing ERECTION drip semen without Touching it - Dominant Dallas is in the mood for teasing and tormenting a helpless cock. Her slave will have no use of arms or legs. The poor penis is trapped in a crude gloryhole device. The busty Moms skillful hands quickly got the dormant dick rock hard. The curved ERECTION suffered physical abuse from the Dom blonde. The sadistic hand job queen brought the penis to the point of ORGASM and let go. The throbbing cum dripping cock was left to ejaculate with NO HANDS. Dallas watched as the penis poured out semen onto a black dinner plate. She laughed as the pulsing prick endured a painful unsatisfying orgasm. The mommy stroked the sensitive cock long after orgasm. The slave had a NO choice to suffer through the less than pleasurable hand job experience. To cruel femdom hand job ends with Dallas feeding the slave HIS OWN Spunk.


The Over protective Mother wanted the BEST for her step Son's huge penis - Dallas wants only the BEST for her step son. The type A personality Mom is totally consumed with her only STEP son and his well being. While washing dishes, she heard her step son scream from the bedroom. The over protective Mom couldn't resist the urge to come to the aid of her step son. Dallas cracked the door (without being heard) and saw her STEP son getting a bad blow job from his young 20 year old girlfriend. The inexperienced young blonde struggled sucking the BIG 9 inch cock. Mom too the recuse. Dallas took her step Son's big DICK from the "green" girlfriend. The disapproving Mom showed the rookie cock goblin how to suck her SON's giant penis. Both the Mom and girlfriend take turns sucking the massive member. The TABOO blowjob resulted in a HUGE explosion of SPERM from the mighty penis. The twisted tag team drained every drop of CUM on Mom's big tits. Both Mom and girlfriend enjoy stroking the spent cock long after ORGASM.


It gives Dallas pleasure to inflict pain upon a cock - Dallas is the Queen of the Femdom handjob. The beautiful MILF loves control of a cum filled cock. Her slave is bound in the Kneeling Milker. The crude bondage device renders the slaves arm and legs useless while trusting the unguarded PENIS forward. D cup Dallas has COMPLETE control over the large penis. She sucks the life into the large placid cock, until she's holding a powerful ERECTION. Dallas gives a slow teasing handjob. Occasionally the short tempered MILF beat the cock literally. There's nothing the slave can do about it. This handjob ends with an extended POST ORGASM MILKING. Dallas uses a powerful vibrator over the SUPER sensitive cockhead.


Her husband's Small penis is the BIGGEST problem in the marriage - Dallas loves every dick besides her husband's. The High Society Southern MILF doesn't respect her husband or his SMALL penis. The unfaithful wife strokes the black penis admiring its size and thickness. She wastes no time comparing her husband's small WHITE penis to the BIG black one in her hands. The husband's small penis is a BIG problem in the marriage. The cock worshiping handjob produced a huge load from the black dick. Dallas MILKED sperm from the spent black cock long after ORGASM.


Dallas doesn't think much of Her husband - Dallas doesn't hold back the hatred for her husband. "You're nothing but a cock" the emasculating MILF barks out as she proceeds to use and abuse the unguarded penis. This is much more than a handjob video. The dominant handjob goddess takes full advantage of the mummified cock. After using the penis completely Dallas allows it to climax. The mature MILKER kept stroking the cumming cock until it became extremely painful. With her hands covered in SEMEN Dallas continued stroking and slapping the penis …


"Please watch this … I want you to know about my Ex husband" - After 16 years of an abusive marriage Dallas will finally get her revenge. At first, LOVE was enough to look past her husbands small penis. Not any more. The roles have changed. Hell bent on humiliating her ex-husband the busty MILF reveals shameful secrets about her Ex's super small penis. The D-cup divorcee has 10 inches (8 inches more than she had before) of cock completely under her control. Bound to the MILKING bench, the SACRIFICIAL penis will become a patsy in this twisted tale of revenge. Dallas beats the defenseless DICK, assured there will be no return fire this time. She goes much further than a handjob so her EX can see what a BIG cock can do. This is a must see FEMDOM special with a dominate MATURE MILF and a brutal post orgasm MILKING.


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