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December 16, 2013
This interracial handjob represents a first for Jasmine. This will be her first ever experience with a black cock, her first adult movie, and the largest dick she's ever held. The shy soft spokenTEEN could literally hide behind the BBC due to its thickness. The big black BULL cock left her at a loss of words. However, her eyes said what her mouth couldn't. This barely legal handjob princess has some of the greatest facial expressions EVER! You can literally see her mind trying to grasp the shear size of the black erection. Jasmine showed off her outstanding handjob techniques on the oversized cock. Her french manicured fingers cover every inch of the massive rod. It wasn't long before the dark dick succumb too the constant tugging. Jasmine MILKED every drop of SPERM she could from the ejaculating cock until there was NO more.


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