Lexi Lane

Age: 20
Body Type: petite
Stats: 36-23-32
Bra: 36B
Breast Type:natural
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 5'2"
Location:Kissimmee, Fl
Status: relationship
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: house cleaner


List of Lexi Lane episodes


The Over protective Mother wanted the BEST for her step Son's huge penis - Dallas wants only the BEST for her step son. The type A personality Mom is totally consumed with her only STEP son and his well being. While washing dishes, she heard her step son scream from the bedroom. The over protective Mom couldn't resist the urge to come to the aid of her step son. Dallas cracked the door (without being heard) and saw her STEP son getting a bad blow job from his young 20 year old girlfriend. The inexperienced young blonde struggled sucking the BIG 9 inch cock. Mom too the recuse. Dallas took her step Son's big DICK from the "green" girlfriend. The disapproving Mom showed the rookie cock goblin how to suck her SON's giant penis. Both the Mom and girlfriend take turns sucking the massive member. The TABOO blowjob resulted in a HUGE explosion of SPERM from the mighty penis. The twisted tag team drained every drop of CUM on Mom's big tits. Both Mom and girlfriend enjoy stroking the spent cock long after ORGASM.


Itís obvious Cameron and Lexi have never seen a PENIS this size - Cameron (left) and Lexi canít believe the SIZE of the black dick in front of them. Both girls giggle hysterically as they watch the black BULL cock get bigger and bigger from the tag team handjob. The girls showed off their candy colored nails as the jerked the big PENIS in tandem using lots of lube. The girls facial expressions are priceless. They never get over how big the dick is for the entire hand job video. The 2 girl interracial handjob ends with a prolonged post ORGASM milking. The girls make sure they get every drop of SPERM from the ultra sensitive cock.


The odd couple have 1 thing in Common - Mystick (red hair) and Lexi are brat girls and best friends. The odd couple use and abuse a helpless man and his 2 cocks. While Mystick stroked the real cock, Lexi fucked the fake one. The 20 year old blonde lowered her EXTRA MEATY pussy on the chin-cock and rode her way to several ORGASMS. The bound DICK shot a big load of SEMEN on the girls purple and orange hands and toes. The girls get very excited when they see the CUM and continue to beat and stroke the PENIS long after orgasm.


I never would have done this if it weren't for my boyfriend - Little Lexi is making her first Adult video because of her boyfriend. It's not what you think though. There is no loving supportive boyfriend waiting at home to hear about her BIG day. Instead, there's a jealous, abusive, insecure, jobless DICK waiting to complain about this that and the other. Lexi shows off her incredible handjob skills and takes her frustrations out on a helpless DICK. This Femdom handjob will end with a brutal and prolonged POST ORGASM MILKING!


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