Mystick Moons

Age: 20
Body Type: perfect
Stats: 34-26-33
Bra: 34B
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Status: relationship
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: high school
Occupation: retail clerk


List of Mystick Moons episodes


The odd couple have 1 thing in Common - Mystick (red hair) and Lexi are brat girls and best friends. The odd couple use and abuse a helpless man and his 2 cocks. While Mystick stroked the real cock, Lexi fucked the fake one. The 20 year old blonde lowered her EXTRA MEATY pussy on the chin-cock and rode her way to several ORGASMS. The bound DICK shot a big load of SEMEN on the girls purple and orange hands and toes. The girls get very excited when they see the CUM and continue to beat and stroke the PENIS long after orgasm.


The Small penis POURS out a huge load all by itself NO HANDS! - Mystick is in the mood for teasing. Two thousand five feet of saran wrap have reduced a grown man to just a (small) cock. The small PENIS poking through the hole does nothing to impress the pale face PUNK rocker. She makes several comments expressing her disappointment with under-sized penis. Mystick's outstanding handjob and blowjob skills keep the dick ROCK hard throughout. All the stimulation proves too much for the PINT sized pecker. Globs and globs of SEMEN pour from the PENIS as Mystick looks on. The PEE-WEE penis is abandoned at the moment of ejaculation. Once the dick is done cumming on its own, she finishes if off with a cruel and prolonged POST ORGASM MILKING.


He didn't know licking her ASSHOLE was part of the plan - Mystick's SMALL dick slave is bound in the MILKING bed. His wrists and ankles have been fitted with genuine leather restraints and padlocked to 4 steel anchor points. The gothic TEEN has NO RESPECT for the small dick loser locked in the bed. While flicking lit cherries from her cigarette on his pale hair covered chest, Mystick verbally humiliates her HUMAN ashtray. Being used as an ashtray and having a SMALL dick are bad enough. The power thirsty ALPHA female goes further. She makes the slave lick her ASSHOLE and spits in his mouth as well. The 20 year old handjob princess then used the little DICK loser as best she could. Her slow teasing FEMDOM handjob is TOO much for the TINY penis. Gobs and gobs of man milk poured from the cock. Mystick cruelly continued to torment and abuse this cock long AFTER orgasm.


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