Vanessa Vixon

Age: 27
Body Type: Petite
Stats: 34-24-32
Bra: 34D
Breast Type: real expensive
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Location: Orlando, Fl
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: retail sales


List of Vanessa Vixon episodes


Tiny blonde gets drenched in man milk in the cock box - Vanessa is in the Cock Box. She is eagerly awaiting the anonymous penis to poke through the glory hole. The anticipation of the "strange" dick caused the frisky blonde spinner to play with her pink box. Her perfect pussy and asshole can be seen as she reaches a powerful orgasm with her B.O.B. Then the "meat" was feed through the hole. It was Black and it was BIG. Vanessa used lots of lube on her feet and dark penis. She made the black dick FUCK her lubed up feet. It didn't take long before the dick reached a FULL erection. Vanessa showed off her amazing handob skills on the overgrown cock in the gloryhole. The combination of her SOFT feet and talented hands prove more than the DICK could withstand. What happened next is "Epic"! The black bull covered the small blonde in a large load of Semen. The cock kept pouring out cum. You can tell Vanessa wasn't expecting that much sperm from one cock. She literally gets drenched in man milk! The handjob princess continued jerking the spent cock making sure it's completely drained of cum. This is one greatest handjob CUMSHOTS ever!


The tiny blonde used the captive Cock for her own pleasure - Vanessa's slave is bound to the milking bed by the wrists and ankles. The beautiful skinny blonde takes FULL advantage of the unprotected penis. First she masturbates using a powerful vibrator. She strokes the unguarded cock occasionally as she applies a steady vibration to her pussy. The minimal attention paid too the PENIS was all it took to make it stand tall. Vanessa mounted the stiff ERECTION with her dripping wet vagina. The cock hungry blonde used the captive cock to reach a powerful orgasm. Then, the slender teen began jerking off the freshly fucked ERECTION. Vanessa showed off her Amazing handjob technique on the restrained penis. Her slow teasing FEMDOM handjob was too much. The hard cock exploded from Vanessa's awesome handjob. The cruel penis puller kept jerking the sensitive dick even after Orgasm. The slave could do nothing to STOP the post orgasm abuse.


Vanessa has more than Skeletons in her Closet - I've heard of skeletons in the closet, but not cocks. Vanessa is just another example of a DOMINANT female abusing her power over penis. When masturbating by herself wasn't enough she literally summoned a HUGE cock from her bedroom closet. The tiny D cup blonde took the large SPERM filled cock balls deep in her vagina. She allowed the penis to achieve ORGASM once she was done with it. Vanessa abruptly directed the DICK back to the closet for the next time she has USE for it.


All aboard Vanessa's Penis PAIN Train - "It's been quite a while since I've had a cock that I could abuse and someone I can beat", these were Vanessa's first words. The sadistic handjob princess has NO RESPECT for the slab bound to the MILKING bench. She smothers the helpless slave with her beautiful ASS and size 7 feet. She enjoys restricting the slaves' air flow while jerking off the penis. Vanessa MILKS the cock to completion and continues stroking it much longer than she should have. She shows no MERCY to the ultra-sensitive dick head. The femdom handjob beauty laughs the entire time as she inflicts PAIN to the penis.


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