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    • Evil Eve let go as the BIG cock was cumming

    • featuring: Eve Rosario

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device blowjob post orgasm abuse cock abuse cock slapping

    • date: Apr 20, 2015

    • duration: 15:13

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    • Mistress Eve has her well ENDOWED slave confined to the kneeling milker. The kneeling MILKER is a crude yet highly effective BONDAGE device that trusts the PENIS forward while immobilizing the arms and legs. The beautiful Latina has FULL access to the 10inch curved cock. Enough with the hands, she wants the OVERSIZED organ in her mouth. The queen of MEAN beats the defenseless dick repeatedly, while her hands and mouth double team the PENIS. The battered big dick never goes soft from the infliction of pain. Once her ORAL fixation was quenched she allowed the penis to ejaculate. The hard throbbing cock began to cum and SHE LET GO! She watched as the DUMB dick twitched and bounced while trying to rid ITSELF of semen. Evil Eve offered absolutely no assistance to the CUMMING cock. Finally the SPENT prick couldn't muster anymore SEMEN. She attacked the super sensitive head of the penis stroking directly on it causing the slave to scream out in pain. Eve continued MILKING the dick long after ORGASM.