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    • Taboo teen blowjob ends in Liquid Love

    • featuring: Monica Sexxxton

    • categories: brunette pov blowjob taboo facial

    • date: Jun 19, 2017

    • duration: 28:34

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    • Monica has a crush on Jimmy, one of the coolest kids in school. All the girls like Jimmy. Monica is looking for ways to please Jimmy, so he can be hers. She leans on Tammy, one of her close girlfriends for advice. Tammy suggests that Monica give Jimmy a blowjob. The only problem is, Monica has never sucked a cock before. She doesn't want to suck Jimmy's dick and be so bad at it that he looks elsewhere for some other girls affection. Jokingly, Tammy suggests that Monica practice giving her dad a taboo blowjob. Monica didn't get the joke! The bubbly boundary crossing teen will stop at nothing to please Jimmy.