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    • Who needs small talk when your tits are this Big?

    • featuring: Shyla Shy

    • categories: gloryhole big tits blonde blowjob post orgasm abuse facial

    • date: Jul 10, 2017

    • duration: 20:08

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    • What’s cool about the gloryhole is the anonymity. This is perfect for a shy girl like Shyla. There's no verbal interaction during this gloryhole blowjob and handjob. The BEST part of the man is exposed, hiding all the other bullshit. In this case, 10 inches of man hang low for the busty cock goblin to enjoy. She takes time to admire the size of the massive member while caressing her GIANT natural breasts. With those NATURAL 34F tits exposed, Shyla sucked and jerked the OVERSIZED penis. This dick stood no chance. She implored a hybrid style blowjob handjob technique that was nothing short of SPECTACULAR. The mighty PENIS succumb to all the sucking and jerking and Shyla was soaked in SEMEN. I’m not sure if she had a “blonde moment” or was just greedy for DICK, but she keep stroking the penis long after ORGASM.