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    • The most sadistic girl ever to hold a cock in her hands

    • featuring: Skyler White

    • categories: ruined orgasm bondage device big tits blonde post orgasm abuse edging cfnm cock abuse cock slapping

    • date: Jan 09, 2018

    • duration: 18:35

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    • Fitted with genuine leather restraints, the slaves’ wrists and ankles are padlocked to the milking bench. Freedom for this over-sized cock is not an option. Skyler begins stroking the enormous penis, employing masterful handjob techniques. Slow consistent strokes produce a mammoth erection in no time. Skyler begins to pepper the defenseless dick with brutal meat-tenderizing slaps. What a terrible abuse of power! She strikes the unguarded erection repeatedly with great force causing the slaves’ body to convulse violently. She appears to derive sexual gratification from inflicting great pain on the unguarded fuck-stick. Once she has satisfied her sadistic desires, she relents, and begins stroking the penis without inflicting pain. The battered and bruised dick succumbs to Skyler's outstanding handjob. Skyler uses one finger to bring off the 10inch cock to a creamy climax. The dick twitches hard as it expels semen from it’s aching testicles. The heavy handed FemDom handjob princess then attacks the sensitive dick-head. She made sure every drop of cum the cock could muster was in her possession . If that wasn’t bad enough, she begins hitting the defenseless dick much much harder than before! The slave screams in agony much to Skyler's delight. This is one sadistic masturbatrix!