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    • This gloryhole offered no protection for the crooked Erection during this handjob

    • featuring: Jasmine Crush

    • categories: bondage device blonde post orgasm abuse cfnm edging

    • date: Dec 19, 2016

    • duration: 15:07

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    • Jasmine clearly has the upper hand in this handjob. Her slave is trapped in a crude gloryhole device. This gloryhole isn't like the other glory holes. The penis CAN NOT be removed from the hole once it's in, nor does the slave have use of his arms or legs. The mild manner Jasmine shows off her outstanding handjob skills on the curved captive cock poking through the hole. One hand, two hand, reverse grip, this girl used every handjob technique on this cock along with lots of lube. Her slow teasing handjob soon proved too much for the crooked cock. Cum poured from the head of penis. Jasmine seemed completely unaffected by the ejaculating man meat and continued too stroked it even after orgasm. The slave became very vocal as his extra sensitive dick-head was played with after orgasm.