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    • Brandi's addiction to internet porn has gone too far

    • featuring: Brandi Belle

    • categories: brunette female orgasm femdom sex mummification post orgasm abuse edging objectification

    • date: Oct 23, 2018

    • duration: 23:24

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    • Brandi loves to watch internet porn. She’s fascinated by one video in particular. The video features a man bound tightly in bondage tape being used and abused by a beautiful woman. Just the mans cock and balls are exposed. Brandi has reenacted the scene in her room. Unlike the video, Brandi decides to use the defenseless dick to satisfy her aching pussy. In a matter of fact manner, she inserts the penis into her warm love tunnel. She rides the cock at her own pace, alternating between the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. The helpless male is completely silent. He is only there for her pleasure, moaning is pointless. Now that the dick in the bag has pleasured Brandi, she returns the favor. Slowly she jerks off the big cock. She has very gifted hands that are always busy. The massive erection has no choice but too explode. With all the veins popping, and the mushroom head bulging, the penis erupts. As soon as the cock began squirting Brandi stopped stroking. She watches as the dick does it’s best to push all the cum out. Once the dick was done ejaculating on it’s own, Brandi began stroking the sensitive mushroom-head like crazy. At first the male is able to hide his discomfort, however Brandi stroked the spent cock relentlessly and he caved. She smiled and giggled as the defenseless male squirmed.