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    • Small hands and size 5 feet prove too much for dangling DICK

    • featuring: Nicole Foxx

    • categories: brunette gloryhole female orgasm foot fetish post orgasm abuse

    • date: Oct 10, 2016

    • duration: 20:53

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    • Nicole literally got off to the anonymous NATURE of the gloryhole. The multi-tasking tiny tot used a powerful vibrator on her vagina while stroking the hanging cock. Her intense slow teasing handjob kept the gloryhole dick rock hard. This handjob got even better when she used her perfectly pedicured SIZE 5 feet on the lubed up erection. Nicole's small hands and feet pushed the unknown PENIS past the point of no return. The feisty half pint couldn't wait for the cock to CUM. Those beautiful eyes looked on intently as the DICK poured out semen. She watched each drop of sperm fall too the floor. Then she attacked the hanging piece of MEAT for a any hidden SPERM trapped in the pipes.