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    • The tiny blonde used the captive Cock for her own pleasure

    • featuring: Vanessa Vixon

    • categories: bondage device big tits female orgasm blonde femdom sex post orgasm abuse objectification

    • date: Sep 12, 2016

    • duration: 20:22

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    • Vanessa's slave is bound to the milking bed by the wrists and ankles. The beautiful skinny blonde takes FULL advantage of the unprotected penis. First she masturbates using a powerful vibrator. She strokes the unguarded cock occasionally as she applies a steady vibration to her pussy. The minimal attention paid too the PENIS was all it took to make it stand tall. Vanessa mounted the stiff ERECTION with her dripping wet vagina. The cock hungry blonde used the captive cock to reach a powerful orgasm. Then, the slender teen began jerking off the freshly fucked ERECTION. Vanessa showed off her Amazing handjob technique on the restrained penis. Her slow teasing FEMDOM handjob was too much. The hard cock exploded from Vanessa's awesome handjob. The cruel penis puller kept jerking the sensitive dick even after Orgasm. The slave could do nothing to STOP the post orgasm abuse.