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    • Never leave Nikki alone with a Rock hard erection

    • featuring: Nikki Charm

    • categories: brunette bondage device female orgasm femdom sex post orgasm abuse objectification

    • date: Aug 01, 2016

    • duration: 16:01

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    • Nikki enjoyed having complete control of the captive cock. Her slave will be MILKED using a crude gloryhole device. This gloryhole isn't like others. The CUM filled cock can not be removed from the hole under ANY circumstances. The beautiful brunette can use the dick as she sees fit. Nikki's awesome handjob skills got the limp meat hard as a rock. The rock hard erection served as inspiration while Nikki used a powerful vibrator to reach several orgasms. Then she went all the way. The stiff dick was too much too pass up for Nikki. She mounted the hard dick poking through the hole. She rode the defenseless dick until she was satisfied, then continued the handjob. The talented FemDom handjob princess MILKED the cumming cock. Nikki didn't seem to care that the dick had already cum. The evil penis puller continued tugging on the SENSITIVE spent dick long after orgasm.