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    • The Exorcism of Semen by Ashlee Rose

    • featuring: Ashlee Rose

    • categories: bondage device big tits blonde post orgasm abuse

    • date: Jun 20, 2016

    • duration: 14:46

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    • Ashlee is only nineteen and her tits are already double D’s. The busty TEEN had complete control of the cock that poked through the glory hole. The first time video vixen showed off her outstanding handjob techniques on the unguarded cock. The limp dick got hard quickly. Her oil drenched TEEN tits smothered the curved ERECTION in a sea of cleavage. The shy handjob TEEN let her big NATURAL tits do all the talking. The heavy teen tits and firm strokes pushed the PENIS past the POINT of NO return. The anonymous cock coated the OVERSIZED boobs. Ashlee continued stroking the spent cock while freshly expelled semen dripped from her teen tits. She really enjoyed MILKING the sensitive penis. She enjoyed the discomfort it caused.