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    • This Ruined Orgasm resulted in the Multiple ORGASM heard round the world!

    • featuring: Amber Sativa

    • categories: ruined orgasm bondage device big tits female orgasm blonde post orgasm abuse edging multiple male orgasm

    • date: Mar 20, 2017

    • duration: 22:40

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    • This may be one of the best Femdom handjobs ever! If not the best, this handjob surely produced more CUM than any. One of the most requested videos is the "Forced Male Multiple Orgasm". They don't happen too often. No trick editing or fake cumblasts with hidden hoses were used in the production of this handjob video. This is the real deal. The captive CUM filled cock couldn't stop cumming for Amber. Amber's slave is confined to the Kneeling Milker. The kneeling Milker is a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless while thrusting the penis forward. The busty blonde pressed her powerful vibrator against her clit while she stroked the unguarded ERECTION. The super hard cock turned her on SO much she came Over and Over. She demanded the COCK stay hard while she paid it absolutely NO attention. Amber sucked on her BIG natural tits while her sex toy sent her over the moon. The unknown cock couldn't hold back any longer. Amber's awesome handjob skills and Natural DD breasts help produce a MASSIVE RUINED orgasm heard round the world. This cock poured out enough CUM to filled 2 shot glasses. Amber was determined to get as much cum from the helpless cock as she could. She kept stroking the ULTRA sensitive head of the cock after Orgasm. THEN IT HAPPENED! The dick ejaculated AGAIN. Thirty seconds after the first gigantic load of cum shot out of the cock another SPERM explosion followed. WOW! The cum soaked blonde had a really intense ORGASM while soaked in a strangers SEMEN. If you're looking for genuine Multiple Orgasm Femdom handjob video this is a MUST have to add to the collection.