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    • Asian Cocksucker gets soaked in so much Semen she loses it

    • featuring: Kimmy Lee

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device milf big tits female orgasm blowjob asian post orgasm abuse

    • date: Mar 06, 2017

    • duration: 14:49

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    • Kimmy Lee has her slave confined to the Kneeling Milker. The kneeling milker is a crude bondage device that trusts the penis forward while rendering the arms and legs useless. She sat in a chair rubbing her clit and looking directly at the defenseless hanging dick. She began sucking the limp penis as her fingers worked over her vagina. Kimmy's Asian lips caused the limp dick to get insanely hard in NO time. The kinky Asian cock sucker had orgasm after orgasm with the giant unprotected ERECTION in her mouth. The femdom blow job and handjob pushed the restrained cock past the Point of No return. Then it happened. The unknown meat stick let loose one of the BIGGEST sperm explosion ever! The amount of CUM overwhelmed Kimmy. She lost it. The cum soaked Asian flower began laughing hysterically. Her face, big tits, legs, every part of her body covered in sperm. Her facial expression said it all! She had know idea that much SEMEN could come out of one cock. She did get herself together and MILKED the cock into oblivion. She drained every drop of cum out of the penis she could.