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    • You better CUM or I will beat you until you do

    • featuring: Sierra Lynx

    • categories: brunette bondage device big tits foot fetish post orgasm abuse small penis humiliation cock abuse cock slapping verbal humiliation cfnm

    • date: Sep 14, 2015

    • duration: 15:35

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    • Like most women, Sierra isn't fond of a small penis. In this FemDom handjob video she is given complete control over a tiny lack LUSTER dick. Her small dick slave is held captive by a crude GLORYHOLE device. His arms and legs are rendered USELESS and his worthless penis is passed through a hole. Sierra's excellent handjob skills caused the pee-wee prick to harden quickly. What followed next can only be appreciated by a TRUE sadist. The BUSTY brunette unleashed a barrage of verbal and physical assault upon the man with the small penis. This physical pain was so great the slave began to shake uncontrollable. His body bore red welts from the constant whipping, but his cock got HARDER! The cock ejaculated out of self-preservation. She wasn't going to stop beating him until it did! The small penis produced a BIG load of CUM that coated Sierra's foot. She took her CUM covered foot and made the helpless slave ingest his own nectar. Having a small cock really sucks.