Violet Skye

Age: 26
Body Type: athletic
Stats: 34-26-33
Bra: 34A
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 5"6"
Location: Sarasota, FL
Status: relationship
Orientation: bi-sexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: retail sales


List of Violet Skye episodes


Violet enjoyed stroking and striking all 12 inches of the BWC - Violet Skye has absolutely No respect for a penis. Small ones, big ones, black ones, white ones, it doesn't matter. No cock is SAFE in her hands. She enjoys giving Femdom handjobs and squeezing testicles. Even during a POV hand job Violet was violent against a 12 inch white cock. Having a BIG cock has it's disadvantages in the hands of a sadistic dick abusing jerk off artist. With a foot of cock to strike and stroke she kept the erection between pleasure and pain. The bi-polar cock BEATING blonde pushed the foot long cock Past the POINT of NO return. She held the base of the cock firmly while she watched the SEMEN pour from the ejaculating penis head. Mistress V continued stroking the extra sensitive cock head long after the ruined orgasm.


She had no intention of letting him enjoy this orgasm so she Ruined it - You're about to witness one of the MOST sadistic Femdom handjobs ever! Violet has unrestricted access to a huge black bull penis thanks too a crude bondage device. The black muscular BULL has NO use of his arms or legs. His strength is meaningless. Violet is definitely the wrong girl to find your cock in this position with. The beautiful blonde with the mile long legs enjoy inflicting pain on her black captive. This interracial handjob will not have a happy ending. Violet strokes the big black cock using lots of lube getting it really hard. The disrespectful handjob princess made her black slave lick her dirty feet while stroking the enormous black man meat. At times her temper got the best of her and she unleashed great physical punishment to the slaves cock and body. Violet had no intention of letting the slave enjoy his orgasm, so she RUINED it! The abusive blonde brought the large cock to orgasm using a powerful vibrator. However that was it! She just watched and laughed as what looked like a "gallon" of bull sperm shot from the self ejaculating penis. This ruined orgasm resulted in one of the biggest sperm explosions ever! Violet showed NO mercy to the extremely sensitive bulbs cock head. The level of violence inflicted upon the defenseless black bull cock after ORGASM is unprecedented.


Sadistic Femdom handjob produced 40 second release of BULL Semen - Violet can't get enough anonymous gloryhole cock. The beautiful blonde has an extensive history of abusing unguarded cock. This interracial handjob will be no different. The cruel blonde can't get over the SIZE of the big black cock hanging from the hole. Violet uses her talented hands and sock covered feet on the huge black gloryhole penis. The disrespectful blonde showed no mercy hitting the defenseless ERECT dick with a wicked fury. Violet's Femdom handjob produced a 40 second release of bull SEMEN. The beaten and battered cock poured out SPERM for nearly a minute. The cum crazed blonde forcefully grabbed the testicles DURING ejaculation. The owner of the unknown cock can be heard screaming during the PAINFUL post orgasm milking. The is one of the best POST orgasm MILKINGS ever!


Her Parents took drastic measures to STOP her bad behavoir - Violet has been fucking up at school. Incomplete homework assignments, poor attendance. Typical teenage behavior. The rebellious blonde never expected the TABOO punishment she would be given. For being a "fuck up" the bitchy blonde must jerk off her VIRGIN kid brother. Parents rules. Violet is totally disgusted by the thought of giving her brother a handjob. She will only have access to his cock through the Milking Table. The frustrated teen takes ALL her frustration on the out on the dangling dick. This gloryhole handjob will not be a enjoyable one. The expert penis puller gets her brothers cock hard in No time. She abuses the VIRGIN erection horribly. Her hands and sock covered feet have their way with the unguarded penis. Soon the Femdom handjob pushes the First Time dick past the point of no return. The cruel blonde removes her hands while the cock was ejaculating. She watches and laughs while her brothers penis pours out SEMEN all by its-self. Once the penis was done milking, VIOLET beat the hell out of sibling dick. A very painful and prolonged POST ORGASM MILKING.


Black bull covers dicking abusing blonde with the biggest Sperm deposit ever - Violet's been out rounding up fresh cock for her cockbox. The beautiful Dominant Mistress enjoys the the anonymous nature of the crude glory hole device. She smokes a mild cigar while showing off her perfectly pedicure toes and soles. The dominant cock connoisseur is impressed by the size of the big black penis. She lubes up the large penis poking through the hole. Her intense footjob and handjob proved way too much for the over grown cock poking in the box. With very little warning the BULL erection exploded. This may be the largest volume of SPERM ever expelled from a cock in one sitting. The brutish dick abusing blonde was OVER CUM with semen. She thought she would show the cock who's boss! Not so much. Her attempt at a Ruined orgasm failed. Even though her hands let go of the coming cock, she still got blasted BIG time. The sadistic spunky blonde went well out of her way to make sure this black penis endured one of the worst POST orgasm Milkings ever! Violet attacked the unguarded cock unmercifuly, slamming it several times against the unforgiven wooden structure. (HandDomination contains NO fake or simulated cumshots.)


This black cock had better NOT disappointed Violet or else - Violet is curious about the black cock. Are they (black cocks) really as big as everyone says they are? The beautiful spunky blonde begins the interracial handjob on the limp black meat. In NO time the soft cock was hard from the AWESOME handjob. Violet can not believe how BIG the black erection is. Her tiny hands stroke and tug away at the enormous penis. The blonde SIZE queen pays special attention to the mushroom head of the dark dick. The big black cock reached the POINT of NO return. Violet forcefully drained every drop of cum the black dick had too offer. The sadistic penis puller stroked the extremely sensitive cock head long after orgasm. She was impressed by the shear SIZE of the mocha colored cock.


Violets weird gloryhole DREAM became the DICK's worst nightmare - Violet goes to sleep with dick on the brain. The beautiful blonde Mistress awakes to find a cock poking out of her bed. She can't believe HER dream came true. This gloryhole isn't like others. The penis CANNOT be removed from the hole. Perfect for a sadistic cock abusing beauty like Violet. Violet used lots of lube on the prick poking through the gloryhole. The teasing Femdom handjob caused a MAJOR erection. Violet beat the unguarded PENIS without any regarding for it's well being. The harsh handjob caused the anonymous DICK to get harder. Violets hands and feet pushed the unidentified DICK past the point of NO return. The evil handjob Mistress let go just before the penis began ejaculating. She watched intently and laughed as the SEMEN poured from the abandon penis. Violet waited until the dick was NO longer pushing out CUM. Then she went absolutely NUTS on the spent cock. She enjoyed tormenting the extra SENSITIVE cock head. If this was a normal gloryhole the penis would have been removed from the hole to avoid the ABUSE. It's NOT.


The sadistic blonde literally beats the cum out of the trapped cock - Violet enjoys having all the power over the defenseless penis poking through the crude GLORYHOLE device. The dominant blonde beauty is in the mood to hurt a cock. This glory hole isn't like others. There's NO WAY the penis can be removed from the hole. This femdom hand job won't be enjoyable. Violet teases the foot slave with her creamy soles and toes. The slave is forced to lick and clean her stinky size eight feet. The extended foot worship leads to a rock hard cock that will be abused and MILKED by Violet. The pole stroking princess shows off her incredible handjob skills on the captive cock. The cruel handjob ends with one of the MOST sadistic POST orgasm milkings ever! The brick house blonde shows NO mercy to the man meat. She enjoyed inflicting pain to the penis and draining it bone dry.


Beautiful Blonde SizE Queen forces SEMEN from captive cock - Violet's slave is bound to the MILKING chair by the wrists and ankles. The beautiful blonde DOM is super excited to have complete control over the large anonymous penis. She wastes no time wrapping her small hands around the placid cock. The soft cock is now super hard and SUPER Big. The spunky SIZE queen compares your small penis to the BIG one she's jerking off. You don't measure up! Violet loves to humiliate small penis LOSERS. The dominant handjob princess FORCED a large LIQUID orgasm from the captive cock. Violet began squeezing the cock with extreme force once she saw the MAN milk shooting everywhere. The dick kept cumming and cumming from the dominant handjob. The Super sensitive cock was shown no mercy by the beautiful blonde. The POST Orgasm Milking continued for way too long.


The spunky blonde MILKED a massive load from the black BULL penis - Violet was impressed by the SIZE of the black BULL penis. Soft, it was bigger than the dicks she is used too. The spunky blonde used lots of lube for this interracial handjob. The self proclaimed "Valley Girl" wrapped both hands around the massive cock and showed off her incredible handjob skills. The blonde jerky girl used her size 8 feet on the black ERECTION. The combination handjob and footjob pushed the penis to the POINT of no return. Violet milked the BULL cock with extreme force. Seeing the semen squirt brought out a different side of her. The aggressive handjob vixen stroked the spent cock long after ORGASM. Violet played with the puddle of cum, rubbing her feet around in it. She showed off her CUM soaked soles to the camera. Maybe one of the best handjob/footjob ever!


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