She had no intention of letting him enjoy this orgasm so she Ruined it
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February 10, 2014
You're about to witness one of the MOST sadistic Femdom handjobs ever! Violet has unrestricted access to a huge black bull penis thanks too a crude bondage device. The black muscular BULL has NO use of his arms or legs. His strength is meaningless. Violet is definitely the wrong girl to find your cock in this position with. The beautiful blonde with the mile long legs enjoy inflicting pain on her black captive. This interracial handjob will not have a happy ending. Violet strokes the big black cock using lots of lube getting it really hard. The disrespectful handjob princess made her black slave lick her dirty feet while stroking the enormous black man meat. At times her temper got the best of her and she unleashed great physical punishment to the slaves cock and body. Violet had no intention of letting the slave enjoy his orgasm, so she RUINED it! The abusive blonde brought the large cock to orgasm using a powerful vibrator. However that was it! She just watched and laughed as what looked like a "gallon" of bull sperm shot from the self ejaculating penis. This ruined orgasm resulted in one of the biggest sperm explosions ever! Violet showed NO mercy to the extremely sensitive bulbs cock head. The level of violence inflicted upon the defenseless black bull cock after ORGASM is unprecedented.


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